i need north carolina. . .

Returning from Fall Break is a bittersweet endeavor. I spent the last week in my hometown reconnecting with friends and family. Being the small town that it is, every turn brought another familiar face, story, and memory.

I couldn’t help but run into people and drive past places that have played an integral role in the shaping of my character and personality. Stories were told, new memories were made, and my heart was stirred.

Surprisingly, my heart was not stirred with a passion for this place. My heart was burdened. Although my family and friends were here. My heart was elsewhere.

Spending the year at home allowed my passions to surfaced. It was here in the safety of my hometown and things familiar that God called me away from familiarity and into something greater. My heart has never been more burdened for greatness than during this past year.

I was created to do great things-to serve a great God. There are things about me, passions within me, and gifts I have that are suffocated when I’m at home. They won’t allow me to settle. They won’t allow me to be comfortable. God knows, if I were allowed to be comfortable then I would be at home with my family, my love, and my uncle.

I was reminded how much I love home, but how much I have been beckoned away from there. But it’s not fun to leave. It hurts to leave the ones you love. I want to be there for my family, for Stephen, and for my uncle. I want to see the church plant I invested so much in grow beyond its capacity.

My passions had faded. I had suffocated them with business instead of home. Going back to the place where they fought their way out reminded me of why I am where I am now. It reminded me that even though it’s hard to leave, I have to.

North Carolina may not need me, but I need North Carolina.


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