passion pursuit

When you’re passionate about God, you can trust your passions. – McManus

That quote, along with many others from his book Chasing Daylight have shaped the way I view and pursue my passions. McManus speaks directly to the many divine moments in life that we often miss because we aren’t chasing much of anything. We are sitting and waiting for God to drag us in a direction because we fear that if we head down one, it will be the wrong one.

One of my struggles for the longest time was that I was afraid to pursue anything I was passionate about. I wanted to pursue things that God was passionate about. . . not just things I was passionate about. Because what if those aren’t in line with the things God is passionate about? Where does that lead me? Should I be safe and not pursue anything? Or wait until God drags me in a certain direction? By no means…

McManus also states

Sometimes the most spiritual thing we can do is to just do something.

Okay, so I’m passionate about a lot of “somethings.” For a while that desire to pursue and to do led me to every group/meeting/activity that had anything to do with any of my passions. Needless to say, that led to burnout after burnout and an eventual retreat from everything I was involved it–which meant everything I was passionate about.

So now what? This constant cycle of school, work, study, repeat is suffocating me. I want to be involved with things that I’m passionate about. However, I don’t want to go back into an involvement overload.

How do I pick which passions to pursue? Isn’t there some ministry opportunity out there that combines everything I’m passionate about?? That would be glorious. If there’s not, is that my cue to start one?

I have no idea where to begin . . .


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