look under the bookcase

When you drop something, it never falls straight down where you can see it. It falls down, hits the shoe, rolls under the dresser, and you find it weeks later.

Such was the adventure of my favorite mascara. I was convinced I left it in Georgia after a recent visit. However, upon cleaning my room, I discovered the little silver tube under my bookcase just days ago.

I was overjoyed at the thought of tossing the free mini-tube of mascara I had been using, but my excitement quickly turned to disappointment. It was covered in dust. The wand fought tooth and nail to stay in the tube, and the mascara was now thick and chunky. If my desire were to have my lashes stuck together with tar, mission accomplished.

Out of curiosity, I looked under my bookcase to see what else had taken up residence there – bobby pins, my favorite writing pen, a make-up brush, and a pack of gum. (I realize this makes my room sound like a dump, but it is rather clean and chic.) Which brings me to my next point.

How many times do we drop things, only to find them weeks or months later? The thing we dropped is now covered in dust, expired, or gross. We may have missed our window of opportunity to value it.

What if that item that we’ve dropped is not a mascara wand or a pack of gum . . . What if the thing that we have dropped is more important?

What if we’ve dropped our family or our pursuit of Christ? What if we’ve dropped our schoolwork? What if that son that used to aggravate you so much is now 16 and you have missed a substantial window of opportunity to impact his life? Maybe he rolled into his room when you “dropped” him and the years flew by. Has your marriage become more of a co-existing business transaction than a romance? Have you been given talents and abilities to use for His glory but let them fall to the side? What have you neglected because it has been out of sight?

You see, things can be dropped and forgotten in a “clean and chic” environment. My room wasn’t chaotic, but I still missed my window of opportunity to value an item because I dropped it and didn’t try to find it.

Let’s examine our lives and attempt to recognize those things that we have been so careless with. Maybe it’s time to refocus. Heaven forbid, we miss incredible opportunities to use gifts we’ve been given or impact people around us. Don’t miss life. Don’t neglect opportunities. Look under the bookcase. . . regularly.


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