redirected dependence

A saint is never consciously a saint – a saint is consciously dependent on God. – Oswald Chambers

What do you depend on? Your job. Your spouse or significant other. Your knowledge. Your skills and abilities. Your looks. Your athleticism. The approval of others . . .

Your dependence shows where your confidence, trust, and faith lie.

Let me tell you, friend, it is a dangerous thing to put your confidence and hope in something that is fallen and broken. Your dependence on anything but Christ will ultimately lead to your ruin.

If you are dependent on your spouse for perfect love, what happens on the day that he forgets your anniversary? If you are dependent on your job for providing your identity, what happens when you get terminated?

If we are depending on worldly things for our provision, identity, and love, then we are heading directly to a world full of people who are hungry, confused, and alone. It appears we are already there.

The solution? Not working harder or looking for life and meaning in other directions. The solution is redirected dependence.

Redirected dependence creates a world that understands not only their need for the Savior, but also the need to remain in Him . . . the importance of depending on Him . . .

for everything.


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