give thanks – day 1

I am possibly the worst person when it comes to commitment (ask my fiancé). I find a way to wrap myself in excuses or I get so busy that I can’t finish anything I start (hello, ENFJ/P- I forget).

My hurried, chaotic nature causes me to become so worried and anxious that I rarely stop to give thanks. I focus on my problems, but not the blessings.

Gosh, I’m so far from my family—-thank you for a family that loves me and I love enough to miss.

I work until 9pm 5 days a week! This is awful—thank you Jesus for my job.

This semester is going to kill me—thank you for the opportunity to study Your Word and learn to be a better follower and disciple-maker.

My bed is 6 feet in the air! I’m an adult not a student—thank you, Lord that I have a soft, warm place to rest my head.

I’m challenging myself this month to have a conscious attitude of thanks. From the big to small. Significant to insignificant. And to give all of the thanks, worship, & praise to God.

Day 1…today I am thankful for my roommate and friend, Suzanne who had homemade broccoli cheddar soup and sister Schubert rolls waiting on me after work 🙂 the best kind of end to a long long day.

Please join me on this journey.

“Give thanks with a grateful heart. Give thanks to the Holy One. Give thanks because He’s given Jesus Christ, His Son…..give thanks.”


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