give thanks – day 6

Today, I am thankful for my Uncle Sonny. He has always been like a bigger brother to me rather than an uncle. He challenges me to dream big, to follow the Lord and not the voices of the other, and always keeps me laughing and grounded. I distinctly remember a time he drove to my college campus. I wanted to quit. I was overwhelmed with the “real world” and life decisions. He spent the afternoon with me and at the end of the day had me lie on the lawn outside my dorm. He told me to look up and tell him what I could see. I told him nothing but the sky. He said that in the end, that’s all that matters. The things of this world are fleeting. The only thing that matters is the Kingdom of God.

On top of being a pretty awesome uncle, he is also a wonderful writer. I received this message and photo from him today and thought I’d share.

This is where I vote. It is an old store out on a country road lined with dairy cattle and peanut fields. There is nothing inside but a table, two voting machines and a gas heater. There were no lines and very little waiting. I was greeted by an older gray haired gentlemen who called me by name, although while I am familiar with his face I cannot recall his name.  A very sweet elderly lady took my license and called me honey. Then I waited the 2 minutes for my turn. There were old yellow cafeteria chairs to sit in, but I stood by the heater partially because it was getting chilly outside and partially because the smell reminded me of my Grandpa’s house. So I waited about 10 minutes talking about the weather in front of that heater before I voted although there was no one using the machine. Somedays the ride into work from here seems long. Today, it felt just right.

Voting House

Thankful for him. Thankful for the ability to vote. Thankful for those who sacrificed much to make it possible.


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