no man is poor

No man is poor who has a Godly mother.

– Abraham Lincoln


Happy Mother’s Day!

It gives me great joy every time someone says they see my mother in me. One day when I have children, I pray I am at least half the mom that she is. It is truly the richest of blessings to have a godly mother who loves and serves her family well.

Thanks, Mom. I love you.



give thanks – day 8

I am not a marathon runner (or even a mile runner). I’m out of shape and trying to do better. Even though my health and my body are far from perfect, I am thankful for them.

Even when my anaphylaxis kicks in or my allergies put me out a few days. Even when I sprain a muscle or am fatigued to the core. I am thankful.

I have no room to complain. I will be thankful for my health, and I will continue to strive to improve it.

I also pray for my friends, family members, and co-workers whose health or family member’s health is less than perfect. And I anxiously await a New Heaven and New Earth where there will be no pain, no sadness, and no death. The way The Lord intended it. What a glorious day that will be!!

give thanks – day 3

Next to my salvation, the greatest gift the Lord has ever given me is my fiance, Stephen.

Never has someone known or loved me so well. He is my love, my pursuer, my best friend, my leader, my comic relief, my biggest fan, and my favorite person ever. He challenges me daily, loves me dearly, and encourages me always.

Although he may look intimidating, he is a sweet, selfless romantic. My own Mr. Darcy. (Seriously. He gave me a leather bound copy of Jane Austen’s novels. Including Pride and Prejudice with specific sections marked, complete with his intentions written in the front cover. *swoon*) I’m a lucky lady. Believe me, I know.

To my love….

Stephen, I love you so much. You make me want to be a better, more godly woman. You have shown me selflessness and love beyond comprehension. You are patient and gracious when I’m difficult and stubborn. Even when I am unlovable, you are outspoken of your affections for me. You love me like Jesus. The more I see that lived out, the more I am drawn to the lavish love of my Jesus. Grateful for even a fallen earthly glimpse of His perfect love.

You’re the best snuggler, a true competitor (who never lets me win – which I appreciate), and ridiculous as ever. I know I’m weird, but you’re weird as woah–which is comforting because I feel somewhat normal when we’re together 🙂 You love my crazy family and fit right in! Let it be known that they adore you as well.

Even though we’re 6 hours away, you are interested in every little detail of my life and anxiously await the day you can join me in them. And we both pray that is very soon! It will be the greatest honor to be your wife–to serve you and minister alongside you. I am extremely blessed to be your girl. The one you chose. Your forever. I pray that you know without a doubt that you are mine.

Love always,


homeward bound rules

If you ever watched the movie Homeward Bound as a kid (or as a parent), then you are familiar with Homeward Bound Rules . . .

Every road leads home.

Today, that truth is ringing in my ears and warming my heart.

My focus is not on the cold, the slush, or the 6 hour drive ahead of me. My focus is on the destination and the loved ones who will be waiting on me. No matter how chaotic my life has been the past few weeks, I am always welcome at home. Now, there’s no promise that it’ll be less chaotic there. . . if you know my family, then you understand it’s National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation in full swing.

But there’s no place I’d rather be for the holidays. Mom still trying to get everything decorated and passing off cooking duties. My brother swearing he’s not touching another ornament and refusing to put on anything other than his Mt Dew pajama pants. My dad hiding his fruitcake (even though nobody else likes it) only to find it in June.

We’ll hustle and bustle to family functions, Christmas brunches, parties, and parades. At the end of the day we’ll come together in the living room, laugh, joke, and be warmed by the heat that “all those freaking lights” on our tree put off (according to Mom).

I like them 🙂

And Christmas morning we’ll wake up to a fire, super slow cooked grits, Kenny G Christmas music, and the blessing of another year together.

Today. . .nothing matters. Not finals. Not travel. Not packing or driving. Today, the only thing that matters is every road leads home, and that’s where I’m going.

So thankful. So blessed. So excited.