give thanks – day 13

Thankful for the rain, for it nourishes the land and washes my car.


give thanks – day 2

Yesterday on my way home from work my needles on the gauges in my car started freaking out (flying from left to right all while I’m rolling along at 60 mph). Earlier this month I had issues getting my car to start. After putting over $500 of work into my car in the past few months, you can understand my lack of enthusiasm at the thought of having to replace another battery, an alternator, etc.

After speaking to my Dad and brother yesterday, I decided to take it by the auto place after work and get them to check out my battery (that is no more than a year old) and my alternator. I was so worried that there would be more work needed. However, the report came back clean for both! Praise the Lord!

I asked the guy if my fuses and battery posts looked okay (thanks, Ward for the right questions to ask—he seemed impressed). He said it was probably a one time fluke, and nothing looked wrong.

Maybe my car will catch on fire in a few weeks or stop running next month, but for now I’m grateful for a working vehicle that has been with me since I turned 16 nearly 10 years ago. So many memories and fun times. So many more to come.