give thanks – day 26

Thankful for joy and laughter. The kind of laughter that makes you spit out your drink, cry, and beg it to stop. The kind of laughter that has your sides splitting at the seams. The contagious kind. The kind that comes when you are so tired that EVERYTHING is funny. So funny. More funny than it should be.

This was last night. Put together two roommates, no sleep, end of the semester school work, and just awkward life stories and you get sheer hilarity.

It was so good. Just to laugh. To laugh until the point of exhaustion. I need more of that in my life.


say what?

Parents + Texting = Confusion and Humor

We have all received them–the messages with random letters, spaces, and numbers. Text messages from parents. They make up their own abbreviations and don’t understand yours, but you still love them.

After one of my friends made a submission to the website, I began browsing the site. It’s hilarious and true.

If I had discovered the site earlier, it would be filled with submissions from my family! Now that I am aware of its existence, I’ll make sure that the humor sent to my phone makes it to you!

G  et   rdy  -% for awesomenesss from     the fam  :  )