Normal people –> live in same city, date, get engaged, take engagement photos, get married.

Stephen and I –> short time in same city, move to different states, get engaged, live in different states, still be engaged, look for jobs in same state, still be engaged, elope?, maybe get Brett Photography to snap some shots after the fact. I apologize if you aren’t getting cute engaged photo Christmas cards from us, but this isn’t our first Christmas as fiances (here’s hoping it will it be our last!!) and our only photos are instagrammed. So, from both of us to all of you . . . Merry Christmas.




breath of light. breath of life.

I found in the light of stars a heavenly language which proclaims the glory of God. Each burning star is a focus of energy, of life-giving activity which it pours out lavishly into every direction; it pours out the life of its own heart, in order to beget new life. What a vista that opens to our imagination! What new beauties are disclosed in the words of Genesis: ‘God…breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.’ The light of the stars is a part of the life-giving breath of God. I never look now upon the starlit vault of heaven without feeling this divine breath and its quickening action upon my soul.

Dr. Michael Pupin, the great inventor, philosopher, and teacher, got his start in scientific research by watching the stars as a shepherd boy in the Hungarian hills.