give thanks – day 27

I had a late night, an early morning, a day of class, then work. I was exhausted and possibly even a bit grumpy.

Then I arrived at work to find a beautiful poinsettia arrangement at my cube. I opened the note and it read: “Hang in there. Love, Mom and Dad.”

Nothing profound. Nothing life changing. Not the secret to the lottery numbers for tonight. However, those little words and that little thought brought so much joy and encouragement to my day.

I’m so thankful for people in my life who encourage me. However big or small the gesture, it is so appreciated.

I enjoy receiving encouragement. I’m sure others do too. Note to self: pass it on.


give thanks – day 26

Thankful for joy and laughter. The kind of laughter that makes you spit out your drink, cry, and beg it to stop. The kind of laughter that has your sides splitting at the seams. The contagious kind. The kind that comes when you are so tired that EVERYTHING is funny. So funny. More funny than it should be.

This was last night. Put together two roommates, no sleep, end of the semester school work, and just awkward life stories and you get sheer hilarity.

It was so good. Just to laugh. To laugh until the point of exhaustion. I need more of that in my life.

give thanks – day 20

I know it’s a bit early, but since my family celebrated Thanksgiving last weekend, I have been in the Christmas spirit!

The trees are lit and decorated and I have dusted off all my Christmas CDs and found all my holiday playlists.

I love to sing “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” and all the artist variations of classic holiday hits. However, I find myself focusing and thinking on the lyrics of several others “Mary Did You Know,” “O Holy Night,” “A Baby Changes Everything,” “O Come Let Us Adore Him,” and even “Little Drummer Boy.”

I am reminded of the true reason of Christmas. My heart is full of joy and my eyes of tears with gratitude that God has given me the greatest gift of all in the form of a baby in a manger. Not only that, but that Jesus agreed to step down from heaven to become a humble servant in order to tell of the Father’s love, be the ultimate sacrifice for our sins, and allow us a way to be reconciled to God.

That is something to be thankful for. Thankful for Jesus’ ministry of reconciliation. Thankful that The Lord orchestrated that good news to be shared with me. Thankful for the opportunity to be Christ’s ambassador in a lost and broken world.

I pray as artists record and perform the Christmas songs this season that they would understand what they sing, and that the Lord breaks their hearts and draws them close to Him.

give thanks – day 18 and 19

Thankful for leftovers. Especially Thanksgiving leftovers.

Since we did our Thanksgiving this past weekend, I enjoyed leftovers yesterday and today. My loving mother sent me back to NC with tons of deliciousness perfectly pre-packaged for me to sort and enjoy while working last night and today.

I just ate half a turkey sandwich. With real turkey. Not that fake deli crap. Yum

give thanks – day 16

Thankful for my wonderful grandma, affectionately known as Nanny. I can always count on her for good, nonjudgmental company and a cup of coffee.

Tonight was a bit different. I went to her house to let off some stress (she has an awesome treadmill) and chat with her.

She pulled up a rocking chair next to the treadmill, kept me company, offered a listening ear, and so much love.

She asks every time she sees me when I’m “heading south” (coming back to GA). Most people would find it aggravating, but it just reminds me every time of how she thinks the world of me and wants me there. After all, I am her “Sunshine,” and I am told I always will be.

I am blessed to have her, and I thank the Lord for godly, loving grandmas.

So thankful for my Nanny.